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Belfast Summit 2023 discussed Five topics

At APU, young people from all over the country come together with a strong sense of purpose and mission: to change the world. They believe that they are the ones who will make a difference. The themes of "Education," "Peace Reconciliation,” "Climate Change," "Food Crisis," and "Mental Health" have been brought from the One Young World Belfast Summit 2023 to Japan. One Young World is often referred to as the youth version of Davos, and these important discussions are now taking place directly in Japan.

The vibrant atmosphere at APU during this time reflects the unwavering commitment of these young individuals to create positive change. Their collective determination and enthusiasm are infectious, inspiring others to join the movement and contribute to the global conversation.



Education issues can be approached from a variety of perspectives. These include equal educational opportunities, girls' education, charter schools and education disparities within regions. All global issues, such as conflicts and environmental problems, are topics that cannot be separated from education, and the state of education is now being questioned.
The importance of equal educational opportunities has long been emphasised around the world, and Japan is no exception. Choose one topic from the various education inequality issues in Japan and launch a project to address it over the next decade.
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Peace Reconciliation

It goes without saying that everyone prays for peace, but we are now faced with the problem of how difficult it is to actually achieve a state of peace. Where should we start to overcome this problem? While it is necessary to look at international relations and politics from a macro perspective, it is also important to consider what we can do from a micro perspective as global citizens.

Peace in the East Asian region has recently been threatened. Launch a project that the youth generation should undertake over the next decade to build and maintain peace in the East Asian region.


Climate Emergency

It is no exaggeration to say that not a day goes by when we do not think about environmental issues. We, the citizens of the Earth, are faced with urgent environmental issues. Some are naturally occurring, of course, but it is truly lamentable that many are triggered by human action. It is the destiny of those of us who live on the planet today to solve the problems that have been committed by human beings with human hands.
It is clear that public awareness of decarbonisation is quite low in Japan. Launch a project to improve that awareness to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which are considered to contribute to climate change.

Food Crisis

Food crises are thought to be caused by environmental problems in the wild, rapid population growth and other factors. No one has yet come up with a solution as to how to make up the difference between areas with a more than adequate food surplus and those with no food for tomorrow. Who will put an end to this problem that has been debated for decades?
The gap between food surpluses and shortages in different regions is widening. Focus on one of the causes of the food crisis, and launch a project to ensure that food is properly distributed to all parts of the world over the next decade.

Mental Health

In the last few years, the topic of attention has changed from physical health to mental health. What is needed to achieve wellbeing? There is no doubt that the state of this mental health is key to achieving it. With different people defining wellbeing differently, how do we confront this issue?

According to the 2023 World Happiness Ranking, Japan is ranked 47th in the world. Focus on well-being and what your generation needs to do to be No.1 in Asia in five years, and launch a project.
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