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I have amassed over a decade of experience in the software development industry including expertise in designing, implementing, and testing cross-platform web applications. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to join the <Community Name> community and eager to contribute my skills and knowledge and to continue learning and growing in this innovative environment.

Flutter Project Cover Letter

I have over a decade of experience in the software development industry, including years of experience designing, implementing, and testing mobile applications.
In my role as a Full-Stack Engineer at AppTree Software, I utilized a breadth of knowledge to help our team maintain its flexible enterprise application platform. I helped them deliver and launch multiple frontend clients and back-end micro-services using Flutter, Dart, Kotlin, Swift, Go, and PostgreSQL. Please see my resume for further qualifications.
I’m interested in learning more about your project and am available for an interview at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your consideration,
Chance Snow Lead Engineer @ Snow Developments, LLC https://snow.llc


Describe your most complex web design project.

At Integrated DNA Technologies I helped architect a web application to replace their legacy ERM desktop application. Of particular difficulty was gathering requirements for the new solution, let alone conducting the user experience research with a remote and disparate set of stakeholders. However, with a lot of patience, we were able to refine requirements and implement a scaffold for the application.

Which new design patterns have you embraced, and which have you discarded, in the past year?

In addition to continuing my staunch advocacy for accessible software, I have wholeheartedly embraced user-centered design patterns in the last year. It is important to maximize communication with your stakeholders, not only to improve the product, but to minimize future conflict. A particular favorite UCD task of mine is getting a product in front of the client and conducting user research as soon and as often as possible. In the past year, I have definitely tried to make too many assumptions upfront and to over-design prototypes. You must always make sure you think through designs from the end-user's perspective.

Which companies do you think are innovating best in web design and design practices?

Google is of course among the largest of innovators in the general interaction design space. I can't recall the last time someone in web circles hadn't heard of Material Design. Another smaller company of note is the Quantic School of Business and Technology. They are creating a fantastic online-first business school and education platform.

How would you describe your professional experience in backend development?

I had the privilege of a fantastic extracurricular education in full-stack web development at the Computer Action Team (CAT) College of Engineering at Portland State University. They taught me and many other volunteers the myriad of systems and technologies used to administer the computing infrastructure of the whole college. I then had the honor of teaching my skills to newer groups of volunteers leading the group's web development team. My experience at the CAT has afforded me a fruitful career in full-stack web development with many backend technologies, including VB/C# .NET, Node.js, Java, and Go microservices. Of particular continued importance are the OWASP security guidelines, introduced to me at the CAT.
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