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Introducing Coda to your team Email Template

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Final Email

Hey all,
Many of you know that we’re working hard to consolidate tools and get rid of duplication to ensure each and everyone of you is able to get work done efficiently, effectively, and as collaboratively as possible. There are too many tools in use today and each tools content isn't accessible to all.
On top of that the content/knowledge is either out of date, difficult to maintain or doesn't have clear ownership, sometimes all three.
We need a tool that enables us to create a scalable information architecture with advanced user permissions and controls to break down content silos.
After gathering and reviewing our list of requirements, we’re excited to share that we will start to improve the way we work with Coda.

But what is Coda 👀
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Why did we choose this over {Asana, Airtable, etc}

Who can use it 🤗
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How do I get started 🤓
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What if I have questions 🤔
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What are Coda’s top 3 coolest features? Well there are many, but here are a few of my favorites 😎

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