Learning Design Workshop

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Workshop Overview

Use to facilitate active blended learning design for your course
To support discussions when designing active blended learning for students, these materials will help you to storyboard your curriculum and begin to identify key activities, interactions, and resources for you and your students.
Work through the materials below in order, to encourage a variety of learning activity types, select specific activities, and allocate resource development among staff. Then reflect on decisions made throughout the learning design process to identify areas for further consideration.

Learning Types

Based on Diana Laurillard’s Conversational Framework, and inspired by UCL’s ABC Curriculum Design process, this process encourages you to categorise your learning activities into the following six categories:
Acquisition - Learning acquired through listening, watching and reading
Collaboration - Learning through group discourse, practice, and production
Discussion - Learning through conversation and articulating ideas and questions to peers and staff
Investigation - Learning through exploration of ideas, comparison, and critical thinking
Practice - Learning by applying knowledge to specific tasks and developing in response to feedback
Production - Learning through consolidation of knowledge through practical output or conceptual thinking

By considering how your students will learn throughout this process, you will be more able to ensure a varied experience that is inclusive of different learners’ approaches to study.

Learning Activity Types Guide

A table detailing each of the six learning types with brief descriptions and indicative activities
Proceed to to begin mapping out your teaching and learning

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