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Priorities for 2024

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Identify the problem
To provide resources to the community to help grow, automation and increase quality of the Design activities while securing community sustainability.

Frame strategic question
How might we get predictable economic resources for the community?

Generate possibilities
Saling swag
Coupon codes
Offering paid courses

What would have to be true? Barriers



Winning aspiration
To win by providing resources to the community so it can help grow, utilize automation and increase quality of the Design activities while securing community sustainability.

Where to play
Geography: In what countries/regions do you seek to win?
Primary focus in Calgary. Secondary focus in Alberta

Customer: Which segment(s) – demographic and attitudinal – do you seek to win with?
Corporate sponsorships
Government grants
Marketing partnerships
Channel: Through which distribution channels do you seek to win?
Outreach campaigns to local organizations and businesses
Government grants applications
Networking events

Offer: What offerings (e.g., product categories, content, services) do you design and execute this
strategy against? What offering is needed to win with this customer?
Attracting talent
Brand visibility and marketing opportunities
Corporate responsibility and public image
New business development
Access to talent pool
Tax deductions

Stages of Production: What parts of production do you do yourself ?
Targeted outreach
Individual emails
Meetings with individuals
Mention during events
Reference material and reports providing proof of impact in the community.

How to win
Differentiation on the basis of the part the community plays in the development and diversification of a tech community in the city and the province.

Large outreach, extensive network, good public perception and solid relationships.

Management systems
Meetup, Google suit, LinkedIn, Slack and Coda

Senior Designers
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