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Priorities for 2024

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Priorities for 2024

New Energy in Careers: Discover how interaction design nurtures career growth in sustainable industries, carving pathways for professionals to contribute to a greener future while advancing their own trajectories.
New Energy in Technology: Uncover the latest advancements in interaction design, virtual reality, user experience, and human-computer interaction.
New Energy in Inclusion: Explore the pivotal role of interaction design in creating inclusive and accessible solutions that uplift marginalized communities in the new energy era.
New Energy in Sustainability: Explore how eco-conscious design is a catalyst for behavioural change, steering society toward sustainable practices that harmonize with our planet's well-being.
New Energy in Diversifying the Economy of the City: Explore the potential for interaction design to diversify economic growth and how it fuels innovation across various sectors, propelling the city into a future marked by resilience and multifaceted growth
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