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Design School & Work series

The community will explore the spaces where we learn and grow. Through engaging panel discussions, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the practical aspects of design, such as client management, navigating creative roadblocks, and adapting to rapidly evolving technologies.
The event will spark a vibrant exchange of ideas, empowering participants to enhance their design skills and embrace the unconventional, unspoken lessons that shape a successful design career.

July: Things I Wish I have learned in Design School

Date: July 25, 7 pm MDT Zoom link:
Description: This event will bring together seasoned designers and UX researchers to share their experience at design school (University, College, Certificates, etc.) and the Design lessons they had to learn independently. ​Format: Free online panel with 3-4 speakers and a moderator. ​Script:

August: Closing the gap between academic and professional life

Date: August 29, 6 pm MDT Zoom Link:

Description: ​Jr. and Intermediate UX and UXR professionals share their experience coming out of school and getting their first job. Share how they got their professional start, first impressions and differences between what they learned at school and how that is used (or not) in everyday life.
Panel: Free online panel with 3-4 speakers and a moderator. ​Speaker profile:
College/University graduate
Design certificate

September: Future-proofing UX education: Balancing Technology and Responsibility

Date: September 26, 7 pm MDT Zoom link:
Description: ​To remain competitive in the ever-changing technological environment, designers, academics, and mentors must balance teaching cutting-edge technology and communicating ethics, equity, and responsibility. By sharing their insights, they can help us understand and take advantage of the opportunities this environment brings to the profession.
Panel: Free online panel with 3-4 speakers and a moderator
Speaker profile:

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