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What makes for a good tour and tour guide?

See Liz’s:

History of the Guilford Woods

See Gwen’s presentation:

History of the URR Program

@C. Wess Daniels
Will share a bit of the background
The Tour Develops Further
New Directions - Tannenbaum Sternberger Grant
Kate Seal’s Work - Laying out a process for coordinating tours
Gwen and Krishauna - Judith Weller Harvey Scholars (and KHG’s chapter in the Quaker world - )
Tony, Liz and including Ethnobotany -

Mission of Underground Railroad Program

To provide accurate, inspiring historical information on Underground Railroad activities in the Guilford College Woods to 4th, 8th and 11th grade students and the community at large; hoping to lead all to consider how they might further social justice in their own time.
The program is primarily designed to offer both an online and onsite program for school children that is tailored specifically towards the goals and core standards targeted in North Carolina’s 4th, 8th, and 11th grade social studies courses, which focus on North Carolina and United States history. We are committed to offering a consistent and informative field trip experience and to providing a well articulated online programming opportunity for multiple schools in a more accessible and equitable way.
The project also further enhances existing online topic guides on local Quaker and anti-slavery work by developing a subset of online resources specifically to meet the needs of a K-12 audience wishing to learn more about Guilford County’s history relating to the Underground Railroad. In coordination with the onsite programming, efforts were made to develop an online interactive tour for those not able to schedule a trip to physically come to campus and as a supplement to the in-person opportunities.
Additionally, the program is available to any group or individual desiring to learn more about these activities in the Guilford College Woods, either with a guide or via a self-guided tour.


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