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URR Tour Guide Handbook

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Tour Guide Description

Underground Railroad Tour Guide Job Description

Basic Function: Under the supervision of the Tour Scheduler, a student tour guide is responsible for providing factual and engaging tours to school and community groups about the Underground Railroad activities that took place in the Guilford College Woods. Additionally, guides will be asked to do cleanup/maintenance on the trail and some office work.
Specific Responsibilities:
Participate in Tour Guide Training and any subsequent sessions
Commit to relaying accurate historical information
Meet groups on time when assigned to lead a tour
Encourage questions and dialog on the tours
Perform trail cleanup and maintenance when required
Assist Tour Scheduler with office work as needed (photocopying, creating, managing materials, etc.)
Qualifications/Special Skills Required:
Must have attended URR Tour Guide Training sessions
Ability to walk on uneven ground
Ability to project voice so all tour participants can hear
Ability to do some physical labor on trail
Familiarity with office equipment (computers, printer/copiers)
Cultural sensitivity and interpersonal relationship skills


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