Law & Order

Death Penalty

Vichaars related to the legitimacy of a Death Penalty in Sikh society.

Official Bunga Azaadi Position (OBAP)

OBAPs are not fixed. If given better, more compelling arguments, or presented new evidence our Bunga may reconvene a Darbar and update our position as appropriate.


The Vichaars conducted below are contributions from Bunga Azaadi members and may not reflect the official position of the Bunga or represent the views of all members. These supporting materials are meant to expand on or contest the arguments put forth in the OBAP and are shown for audiences wanting to delve further into these topics. Therefore these sections may include write-ups arguing both sides. If you would also like to contribute Vichaars to either support or contest the OBAP, get in touch!

Capital Punishment in Azadist Society

The following is an exploration by Bunga Azaadi member Jassa Singh Nihang of some the key considerations to be made on this topic in and how he believes capital punishment could be applied in an Azadist system:

Punishment For Beadbi

A discussion on the appropriateness of a death penalty to punish perpetrators of Beadbi and potential preventative measures.

Guidance Documents

Azadism is not just another system for a government to use to micromanage and centrally plan an economy and it’s participants. In fact, it is the opposite. Azadism is an exploration of what happens when governments (taxing authorities) leave people alone. However, there are some things that although a government should have no authority over as per Azadism, Bunga Azaadi still believes it may be wise to offer recommendations for.

These guidance documents are not to be considered “Azadist law” per se, and instead are something that could be utilized by the many system builders that will arise in a who many want to take these into consideration when designing contracts and planning their own experiments in statecraft.

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Bunga Azaadi — Institute for Azadist Studies

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