Law & Order

Law & Order

This repository contains Vichaars conducted by Bunga Azaadi on topics related to Law & Order for a Sikh society.



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Bunga Azaadi is developing a repository of Vichaars in preparation for the Guru Khalsa’s future experiments in statecraft. You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan, so why would you start a state without a plan? It is not just shareholders wealth at stake here, it is potentially the lives of millions of people. Hence why, if we really want to get to the stage of creating our own systems and states, the effort needs to be put in NOW to discuss, debate and establish some positions and understanding ahead of time. When we develop the competency to either reform states or start from scratch, then we won’t be doing so blindly. Bunga Azaadi is an attempt at just this and welcomes Sangat to contribute and get involved.
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Bunga Azaadi — Institute for Azadist Studies

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