"Radicalise the Moderates"

Stupidity of the Neo-Khalistani strategy made apparent


NSYF: “Why visa suspensions is a good thing”
“National “Sikh Youth” Federation (NSYF): Why visa suspensions is a good thing: The vast majority of those visiting India from Canada and migrating out of India to Canada are Sikhs from Punjab. Collective punishment is the indian way, they tried to kill a whole generation of Sikhs, because the Indian target has always been Sikhi/Sikh struggle. Therefore it is a good that India is drawing hard lines, this will make more Sikhs think about the serious political questions of their autonomy and freedom. It is about time those disconnected from Khalistan picked a side (the side you’ll be on soon as you show any sympathy for Punjab+Sikhi). It is time to put the struggle before the self. Sikhs have no relation with India but very deep connection with Punjab. India is just a place Sikhs pass through on their way to and from Punjab. India is hurting its own economy with this move, which is also a good thing. Last time India fought Sikhs it nearly bankrupted india, hence why the state violence intensified so rapidly and brutally. It is time Sikhs boycotted India economically, stop buying products made in India, stop making Indian airlines profitable with your flights to Punjab. Find other ways to import goods from Punjab. It’s time to put the Sikh struggle ahead of individual concerns. Without sacrifices we will always remain victims. Think of the courage of the shaheeds who gave up everything they loved in the world for the grater love for Sikhi and our freedom. Be proud to be Khalistani.”

Here is one of many examples of how ridiculous Neo-Khalistanis have become. It is as if they are getting there ideas from the movie “Four Lions”.


So here is a counter-argument, rest is up to you as the Sangat to decide for yourselves (and only yourselves) which seems more reasonable.

Firstly, Sikhs (who are primarily Punjabi) not going to India isn't going to bankrupt India, it will bankrupt Punjab (if anything) you fools! If it does, it will give the centre even more jurisdiction openly in Punjab to centrally manage the state more directly. Why do you think people are so desperate to move out anyway? Because the economy is substandard. So why would you think making it worse is going to help anyone?

Secondly, I heavily doubt it's going to have that significant of effect anyway in terms of getting close to bankruptcy. India has been diversifying it's economy for a while, it is quickly developing itself as an innovation centre in the world. I doubt a dent in Punjab's tourism industry is going to impact the growth rate of the other sectors in their economy.

Thirdly, Biharis are sitting on the edge of their seats already in Punjab waiting to take over. Punjabis are selling their land and moving abroad, who do you think is filling the gaps? Go to Punjab and look with your own eyes at the shear amount of Dere Babai, Christian missionaries etc that have popped up. Dumalle wale Singhs are rare, and everyone is now trying to be a Sidhu Moosewale lookalike or have haircuts like Native American tribesmen. Every time we loosen our foothold in the region, the opponent is winning. So yeah, this a great strategy to HELP the Indian Govt with their cultural genocide🤦‍♂️

Fourthly, why are people so eager to damage a nation's economy for?? These guys were celebrating an attack on the economy specifically a few months ago as well. This doesn't hurt the government so much as it hurts the people. If you stop going to Punjab, stop spending in Punjab, stop trading, transacting and interacting, this will hurt the Punjabi people who benefit from the flow of funds. Which is essentially what an economy is: the flow of funds/resources in a region or society.

You think the politicians who send their kids abroad, own property abroad and hold their funds in offshore accounts will be significantly hurt by this? Your going to hurt innocent Punjabis. Not everyone is banned from Punjab like these NKs are, and many still have strong links to their pinds. Hence why this strategy being proposed by them is so disconnected from reality — it's cos they don't see it with their own eyes!

Our links back to Punjab must be strong if we want Raaj there. It is why so much support was able to be given from abroad during the Kisaan Morcha too. It's also why I repeatedly encourage Sikhs abroad to send their parents back home to spend their pension money there (can come back every few months).

Fifthly, Canada is just one country. People from UK and US and elsewhere will still be going back and forth regardless, because a lot of Punjabis still are connected to that land. I, for one, am never planning on selling my land that my forefather’s sweat drained into for me to enjoy today. I get people's situations are different, but there should be no innate desire to do this. It's very sad that people have to do it.

Sixthly, I can't believe this guy said Sikhs have no connection to India and just Punjab only. What the narak?? What about Hazur Sahib? Patna Sahib? All the Itihaasic Gurudware in Delhi itself?? Sikhi is not bound to Punjab. In fact, Guru Gobind Singh encouraged the Singhs to leave Punjab and settle in the southern regions as told in Sri Gur Panth Prakash by Rattan Singh Bhangoo.

The exact same limited thinking Guru Sahib was urging us to be free from has been portrayed here exactly once again. It's no surprise they have completely forgotten about Pakistan side Punjab, they don't want to offend their "allies" of course (the failing state of Pakistan is not our ally btw, idk why these guys chose to think it is — they may be, but rest of us aren't allied with PK).

It's also no surprise why they get excited about hurting economies, since Sheru (the leader of nsyf) himself declared when innocent Afghan Sikhs were killed, that their lives didn't matter either. "Put the struggle before the self" indeed. Are you sure you didn't mean put the struggle (of your ego) before other people's self?

These people have forgotten that our issue is with the government of India, not India or Indians itself. That's far too broad a category to be against or do anything about. It's like being against Europe and Europeans because the EU does puthe kam. So many Indians are suffering from the same autocrats we are too!

“Picking Sides”

NSYF say in their post "It's time to pick a side...".

Firstly, the Guru Khalsa does what it wants, and it doesn't have to be forced into false dichotomies by demagogues.
Secondly, there isn't just two sides, and anyone with half a brain knows this:

(01) Neo-Khalistanis
The side where the solution to everything ever is an Ill defined Khalistan, and the means to get there is "rola pao, boycott karo de victim banjao".

(02) Indian Nationalists
The side where Modi is your Guru and the Indian government can never do any wrong. Anyone who has the slightest critique is an enemy of state.

The above are the two extremes, and they are both fundamentally have the same fascistic behavior. If you disagree with either of them, you are open to violent threats and censorship.

(03) Khalistanis
The side where there is a desire for Sikh nation state of some sort, but the means in which we get there are more flexible. It's a broader category and most Khalistanis are like this as a result of a lack in faith that reform is possible. (The failure of last reform effort led by Shaheed Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale during the Dharam Yudh Morcha and set out in the Anandpur Sahib resolution was the last straw for many of these).

(04) Doubters
Those who don't believe in the practicality of a Sikh state. This doesn't mean that they automatically are a blind supporter of the Indian Government. It literally means you don't believe it will work, and why wouldn't you. If all you have been hearing for the last 10 years are slogans and naare, then of course you are going to be disillusioned.
(This included me too, hence why I took some time to detail exactly how I think one could work and none of these Neo-K orgs cared and repeatedly ran away from discussing it (for over a year!))

(05) Khalsa Raaj Idealists
There is also the position of Khalsa Raaj as a distinct goal to Khalistan. Neo-Khalistanis may try to equate the two, but this is incorrect. In theory they should be the same of course, but in reality when you observe the few "details" that are generally agreed upon, Kstan is just another post-colonial conception of a modern nation state, but with a Sikhi-theme instead.
Khalsa Raaj is far more than that. It's an environment in which the Khalsa ethos rules, and freedom is ensured for everyone. Particularly the freedom to pursue Mukti / do Bhagti without the threat of tyranny. This is the role of the Khalsa to ensure for all peoples around the world, regardless of arbitrary constraints like borders. Khalsa should be a chakarvarti force, constantly roaming the planet(s) to combat tyranny wherever it is. It isn't bordering ourselves off and pretending everything outside of our country isn't our problem. A nation state maybe a step towards this direction, but it for sure isn't the end goal.

(06) Sheep
And then they are the sheep who blindly follow whatever the trend is. This is what most people are because most don't like to think. Just do the bare minimum of posting whenever something happens "haw maara hoya", and carry on with their lives. These types aren't that big of deal, but it is the fuel NKs use to pump themselves up and assume a monopoly over the discourse surrounding Azaadi.

They may be more, but these are what I could think of at the moment. But there is for sure not two options.

So no, we are not going to “boycott India's economy”. We are going to do our best to be the reason why India's (and other's) economy is strong. So much so that we are relied upon. And then, and only then, will our begging turn into credible demands, and our boycotts actually mean anything…

The method Neo-Khalistanis like NSYF want is an armed struggle (one that they themselves will never fight on the frontlines of themselves). Here is a post debunking this “strategy”, and why it is completely infeasible for today circumstances (despite it being more feasible in previous times). Hence why they post this “radicalize the moderates” type nonsense.

(Apparently they got very prickly about this post 😂 but as usual there is never a sophisticated counter-argument to my objections because they have none.)

If you want to be cannon fodder in a war that you won't win, for a cause corrupted by Masands, to establish a Sikhi-themed Pakistan with no plan and no solid detail of how it would work (and likely worse than what we have now), follow Neo-Khalistanis.

If you want a more strategic, long-term vision, a more effective route to success, a deeper understanding of what Azaadi even is as well as a detailed idea of how it can be implemented…
Then think for yourselves and critically read the , debate and engage the ideas Azadism presents.

“If you want Raaj tomorrow, start thinking like Raaje today”

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