Jhatka Network

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Jhatka Network

Setting up a network of Sikhs who wish to do Jhatka regularly
This is all WIP — completely open to suggestions. With Guru Sahib’s Kirpa, once we get going we can improve processes over time.


Want the Jhatka Network to be an opportunity for Sikhs to try Jhatka and promote it as a tradition that can be accessibly engaged in once again.
If it grows, then this plan should hopefully be robust enough to replicate in other places too
We can even expand this into other efforts in time as well such as Jhatka Shops, Land for livestock, farming, and even arrange expeditions to hunting lodges.
Building the Sangat is first step, developing the culture is second, and then all the rest will fall in place.

Host a session with interested Bunga members to flesh this out further.
(If want to be involved in this, add your name to the associated project card here:


Question: is once a month too frequent?

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