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welcome onBoard

This document will come in handy as a resourceful document full of enriching insights blah blah blah, jokes apart, in it you will find how we communicate, how we code, where we code, where we save our files, how we publish our code, etc.
What do we do?
We think stories, we write stories, we test stories and we narrate them as well.
everything is a story for us.
imagine it a single string, a variable, a word,an object, a note, a task a method or a user flow.
and everything is an entity.
More on it later.
A ticket, a row in a database, a form, a feature, idea, or a suggestion,
a function, a class, a module, everything is a story when put to action.
The biggest story for you is,
.feature 2 requestModel 2 function || method.
.feature 2 flowRequest 2 function || method.
Let’s Unfold it.

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