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everyone can create,

why we exist?

Technology has aided us humans in most of our noble endeavours: art, science, business, entertainment, health.. the list goes on.
But today's dominant computing platforms increasingly work against the needs of creative professionals.
we at shunya.ek love working on { this } problem.

who are we :
We are a techWorkShop/lab that discover/design/develop digital work tools for #efficientCreativity and #realTimeCollaboration.
the team : lead by gitesh aka bronzwik, we are a handful of advertising, event, film and software professionals with offices in Goa and Delhi.
Our prime focus is developing apps and work tools to aid creative professionals.
in saving time, creating more and elevating their creative work to the next level.
Better browse this wip presentation.

our faces :
Each one of our brands represents our shared ethos.
We have set out developing an agile, honest open-sourced tribe, making every bit possible and every bit accessible.
The best brands in the world all have one thing in common
– they live and breathe their purpose and brand promise, inside out

what do we do
know about products
how do we do it
know about the process
where do we do it
what will you do
stories in action
how will you do it
where will you do it
what all will you need
where to ask

values & Vision

about shunya.ek
What is it?
Who are they?
What do they do?
Why do they do it?
What are their values
What is their mission

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