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letting go

We believe fit is two-way. That means if it isn't working for us, it isn't working for you, and vice versa.
To that end, this document lists our process for when things aren't working out.


At least twice, your team mate/lead will intervene when they think you are not doing a good enough job.
I will follow up, at least twice, if I don't believe you have improved adequately enough, being clear about what I would expect.
After at least 2 weeks from my initial concern, I will let you know that there is not a fit, unambigiously, to let you know to wrap things up. The message will look something like this:
Based on the last few weeks’ work I don’t think there’s a long term fit here. Happy to provide more detailed feedback if that’s useful but we can start to wind things down.
I'm sorry it didn't work out. To be clear I think you did good work, it just wasn't as clean of a fit as I need it to be in order to scale shunya.ek going forward.
Please let me know which tasks are outstanding and how much time you need to wrap them up or you can pass them onto someone else (I'm also happy to help w/ this).
I will let you own communication to the rest of the team, but let me know if you'd prefer I handle that.

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