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Design your Reward Program Kit Features

Let’s walk through the contributor journey!

DISCOVERY & REGISTRATION ​The stage where contributors learn about the rewards program and its benefits. ​PROPOSING CONTRIBUTION
Contributors propose contribution ideas in the contributor form
Team approves and supports contributions from contributor and potentially collaborates with them
Contributor completes contribution and team redeem their rewards
Contributors share their achievements and rewards using rewards program social media kit
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Discovery and Registration
I want to get started on designing and sharing my rewards program fast!
Rewards Program Landing Page Builder
Design your rewards program from scratch and build your landing page with this doc.
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I want to increase user engagement and participation by offering incentives
Points and Rewards System Develop a points-based system that tracks user engagement and rewards their participation.
This can include earning points for contributions, completing tasks, or achieving milestones, which can be redeemed for rewards in the reward store.
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I want to provide an enticing and diverse selection of rewards to motivate and incentivize users to actively participate in the rewards program.
Reward Store
Provide a curated collection of exclusive items, experiences, or benefits that users can choose from based on their accumulated points.
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Proposing Contribution
I want to empower our user community by giving them the opportunity and tools to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences with others.
Contributor Guide and Portal
Create a list of ways you’d like to encourage your user community to contribute to the community through creating enablement content, organising events and taking part in research.
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Approval and Collaboration
I want to ensure that I only receive high-quality contributions, and I am willing to be actively involved in the process to ensure their quality and value
Contributor Screening and Approval
Review every proposed contribution and require that contributions must be approved to be eligible for rewards.
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I want to foster a collaborative environment where users can work together, share ideas, and organize events or workshops that benefit everyone involved.
Collaboration Channel
Set up a collaborative workspace within a Coda doc where users can work together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.
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Sharing Achievements
I want to gather valuable insights and feedback from our user community to enhance the quality of our products or services.
Feedback and Suggestions Page Provide a dedicated feedback and suggestions page where users can share their insights, ideas, and feedback on products or services. This helps gather valuable insights for improving quality and meeting user needs.
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I want to extend our reach and impact by leveraging the enablement content and events created by our user community.
Social Media Kit and Calendar Offer a social media kit with a companion planning calendar and setup social media packs, allowing users to easily share enablement content or events with their networks.
Referral Analytics
The Referral feature also includes analytics capabilities, allowing program managers to track and measure the effectiveness of the referral program.
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I want to build a comprehensive knowledge hub where users can access a wealth of valuable information and resources.
Knowledge Hub
Create a comprehensive and organized knowledge hub within a Coda doc.
This can include curated resources, tutorials, guides, and FAQs to provide users with easy access to valuable information related to the program's focus area.
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