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Introducing the Affinity Pack

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Introducing the Affinity Pack for Coda. All the smarts of Affinity's relationships AI, with the power and flexibility of a Coda Doc.


The Affinity Pack

The Affinity Pack for Coda is the happy union of Coda and Affinity. Within a few minutes, you will be able to bring the rich data and insights from your Affinity account into a Coda Doc.
One source of truth, always at your fingertips
For existing Affinity users, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities - novel workflows, smart automations, and dozens of third-party Pack integrations are now at your fingertips.
What is Affinity?
Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform built to expand and evolve the traditional CRM. Using AI and natural language processing, Affinity helps firms curate and grow their networks by unlocking introductions to decision makers and auto-populating their pipeline to increase deal flow.
What’s a Pack?
Packs are a way to extend Coda with additional functionality. One popular use for Packs is to integrate third-party services into Coda, which is what we are doing here.
The Affinity Pack allows you to retrieve information about People, Organizations and Opportunities from your Affinity Account and use that data in any way you like within your Coda Docs. Insert your Affinity Lists as Tables, and Coda will synchronize any updates so they’re constantly kept up-to-date.
Who’s building this?
We are Supersynchronous, a team of developers who are passionate about building tools and workflows for companies that reduce tedious tasks, unlock business insights from data, and empower their team through technology.
We specialize in serving institutional investors, partnering with their ops staff to build tools to support their unique needs.
If you have a project you would like us to take a look at, or if you feel that an ongoing technical partner is the logical next step for your firm, feel free to reach out.



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Get Started?

This doc is your introduction to this development. Over the upcoming weeks we will be launching templates to the Gallery, along with videos tutorials for common use-cases.
So stay tuned!
For now, let’s explore the Pack’s launch features with an interactive walkthrough.
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