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Template: Work of Salvation and Exaltation

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Template: Work of Salvation and Exaltation

This document is intended to support Ward Bishoprics and leadership Councils of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The processes and usage of such is not officially (nor unofficially) endorsed in any way by The Church.


The Work of Salvation and Exaltation is supporting individuals and families in living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Ward leaders are most effective when their focus is on the needs of individuals and families and following the direction of the Holy Ghost.
This document is secondary, intended to be enabling, to that purpose. The outcome isn’t project managing “status updates”, it’s bringing souls to Jesus Christ. President Howard W. Hunter, nearly 30 years ago (1995), declared...
“In recent years we have begun using information technology to hasten the sacred work... The role of technology in this work has been accelerated by the Lord himself, who has had a guiding hand in its development and will continue to do so. However, we stand only on the threshold of what we can do with these tools. I feel that our most enthusiastic projections can capture only a tiny glimpse of how these tools can help us—and of the eternal consequences of these efforts.”
This tool was designed with a couple outcomes in mind...
Tie all the meetings, activities, actions back to individuals and families in a coordinated and transparent way for a Bishopric.
Combine what typically are static, splintered systems and documents into a coordinated yet dynamic platform that shares only the needs-to-know information with various leaders.

Page Functions

Listed below are the pages, and expected functionalities, in supporting the Work of Salvation and Exaltation.
A centralized place for Bishoprics to view and discuss the work including:
Preparation for a sacrament meeting, such as:
A living history of important sacrament meeting business -
A clear, automatically generated agenda for conducting -
Support in coordinating the
Joint page for Bishopric meetings / notes / actions / outcomes
Individual pages (, , ) for Bishopric member actions / notes
All of which ties in seamlessly, and shares back and forth (where reasonable) with other Ward Leaders.

An overview of the ever-changing status of new invitations to serve as well as in process releases. Includes subpages breaking down each step, with clear calls to action (and easy ways to record such) as an individual is considered and communicated with.
All of which ties in seamlessly, and shares back and forth (where reasonable) with other Ward Leaders.

More than just a reminder to have an interview, a system for managing the upcoming schedule (as well as revisiting the past schedule) related to youth interviews. As well as notes related to the why and status of interviews.

An agenda that goes beyond organizational updates, and dives straight into the individuals and families being discussed and for what purpose.
A platform to facilitate conversion as much as accountability.
Tie in data seamlessly, and share back and forth (where reasonable) with other Ward Leaders / Organizations.
Provides a historical record of individuals and families supported

Other Ancillary Template Docs

This template serves specifically Bishoprics, and Bishoprics only.
To enable the sharing outside the Bishopric, other template documents should be utilized.
Purpose of additional shared documents
Permission control, sharing only necessary information beyond Bishopric.
Insight into the progress of particular callings that would be of interest to each organization.
A platform to facilitate accountability as much as conversation.
All of which ties in seamlessly, and shares back and forth (where reasonable) with other Ward Leaders.
Documents to Copy
Visit the links below to view and copy additional templates:

See for updates of progress of this functionality.

Instructions: Review Comments

Each page has various yellow highlights titled 👉 Instructions: Review Comments to educate users in the purpose and utilization of features to follow.
Notice that with the 👉 Instructions: Review Comments above, this is a comment bubble (at right). Click chat bubble / image to open comment and view the instructions.

General Coda Use

When viewing document pages, the below provides some useful navigation tips...
Use the black triangle (at left) to expand or ▾ collapse the various views of tables (data).
Add comments by hovering over the left side of a row, selecting the diagonal expand row ↔️ icon, comment at bottom.
Use @name or @email to tag and notify other users.
Comments here are only visible to Bishopric (shared page users)
Do not include confidential information
Edit data directly within the text / tables or by hovering over the left side of a row, selecting the diagonal expand row ↔️ icon.

Purchase Coda Plan

Determine Coda Plan :
Many of the features in this template require a paid plan, including:
Doc Locking
Hidden Pages
Pro Packs (automatically send emails)
Custom Form Branding
Sync across multiple docs
Because of the Coda pricing structure, only one user would be a paying “Doc Maker” . Other uses would have edit or view access, and not incur a fee.
Recommended to have the .

Setup & Configure Document

Share document with members of the Bishopric
Help ...
Allow “edit” access to specific users
Remember, this document Template: Work of Salvation and Exaltation is intended only for use by the Bishopric. Refer to section “Other Ancillary Template Docs” if desiring to share with other ward leaders.
Always retain the “Only those invited can open the link” to prevent public sharing.
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 10.51.40 PM.png
2. Update Unit Info
The information below is used for the table, specifically the field that opens a link to the online ward directory search.
Unit Number
Unit Name
Stake Number
Stake Name
Template Ward
Template Stake Name
There are no rows in this table

3. Import data to the table
‘Create a Report’ in LCR
Include the following columns:
Full Name, Gender, Individual Phone, Individual Email, Address Street, Address City, Address State, Address Postal Code, Birth Date, Move In Date
Select data from table on LCR, Copy
Select same number of rows in the table, starting with the Last Name (not First Name) column
i.e. If there are 348 rows in the LCR report, select 348 row in the Members Master {Import} table.
Manually adjust the name columns, by copying the first name out of each row and pasting it manually in each first name column/row
4. Update callings in the table
For the initial data setup, this is only accomplished laboriously... one by one.
Utilize the “Members with Callings” LCR report for reference, update data in to tie each calling to a member.
Must be a unique row for every individual calling-member pairing.
i.e. If there is a calling that multiple people share, like Organists, there will be two rows with “Organist” in the Callings column, each tied to the specific member holding that calling.
5. Automation Setup
By default, all automations are turned off. You must adjust them to fit your needs.
Below, type /Automations select and hit enter on “Automations” 👉
The Automations settings when then appear at right.
Notice the rules all show “Off”
Review each automation, consider if you’d like to utilize.
Most just need to have the “Notify” step updated with appropriate users / emails for sending notifications.
6. Shared Pages Setup
This document, the “Work of Salvation and Exaltation”, is intended for use just by Bishoprics. However, to share pertinent information back and forth with other organizations, there are additional documents that can be leveraged.
It’s necessary to copy those templates separately, and do some sharing of data and setup of users.
Copy Templates
Cross-Doc Shared Views
Setup of Users
[Work in Progress]

Have questions about navigating, utilizing, implementing this template? See page.
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