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Ward Sacrament Mtg Music [Share]

"Members gather in sacrament meeting to remember Jesus Christ by partaking of the sacrament. They gather to build faith and testimony and to worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Music should be selected to help achieve these purposes."
📘 Handbook Highlights : Music
“Music in sacrament meeting includes congregational singing of hymns to open and close the meeting and before the administration of the sacrament. Congregational hymns provide an opportunity for members to unite as they actively participate in worshipping together. The sacrament hymn should refer to the sacrament itself or to the sacrifice of the Savior. For more information, see “,” Hymns, 380–81. “Music coordinators and bishoprics try to find a balance between familiar and less-familiar hymns. Musical selections presented by the ward choir or others can help members become more familiar with hymns that are not as well known.” -
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