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pentest log

friday 19

re-imported kali VM (newest 2021 version may have different settings from 2020.4)
checked that all VM using NatNetwork
launched KaliVM and msVM
logged in to both VM
obtained IP addresses for both machinesusing igconfig msVM is KaliVM is
pinged from KaliVM to msVM successfully
created target.txt file on msVM and inserted some text, saved the file in home directory
used touch and then nano editor
carried out nmap scan of target
zenmap not available
explore legion instead runs in sudo
legion allows session result to be saved to file
auto screenshots services such as web server home page, tomcat home page, db and ftp
list of cve vulnerabilities with hyperlink to cve database
setting up metasploit framework
find an exploit
deploy exploit
deliver payload
explore target using shell
finishing metasploitable session
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