VM workstation for ethical hacking

A workstation needs 4 downloads, they are large files, might be best to use a portable hard drive maybe a SSD
a hypervisor : VirtualBox from Oracle
VM images to be installed on the hypervisor
Kali Linux image for VirtualBox (penetration testing machine image)
Metasploitable 2 (linux target machine image)
sp0 (windows target machine image)

Download and install hypervisor VM platform


Download and install VM images on the hypervisor platform

Kali linux image
Use the VirtualBox image

Metasploitable 2 image
Windows sp0 image

virtual box preferences
access prefs for VirtualBox
launch virtual box
select tools > preferences
extensions pack
check extensions > Oracle VM VirtualBox extension pack should be present
network prefs
check network > NatNetwork
kali linux
import appliance for kali linux
select tools > select import
select file picker > select kali-linux VM image (you may need to navigate to the correct folder)
click open > click next > click import
network settings for kali linux
select kali linux VM > select settings
select network > set attached to NatNetwork
select advanced: set promiscuous mode to Allow all

new appliance for metasploit
select tools > select new
set the name > metasploit, type > Linux, version > Ubuntu 64 bit
click next
load image
select existing VHD file
select add a new file, navigate to the folder containing the image
select the image, open
network settings for metasploit
select metaploitable VM > choose settings
select network settings > set attached to NAT Network : NatNetwork
select advanced mode > set promiscuous mode to Allow all

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