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An array is a data structure for organising a list of values


Variables were introduced all the way back in unit 1 and it is time for exploring an important “upgrade” to match the power of the control structures you met recently.
An important limitation of the variables we have been using is that a variable can only store a single value at a time. However many everyday tasks where digital devices are used involve very large amounts of data. Think about all the contacts on your phone, all the images. Online shopping sites like Amazon have millions of customers and millions of items for sale. Twitter has millions of users posting many millions of tweets. The information world is full of lists, big lists!
The projects in this section will introduce you to array variables. An array is a data structure for storing a set of values of the same data type. You will work with integer arrays for lists of numbers, Sting arrays for lists of text and so on.
Lists and loops are natural partners as you will find out. The teamwork between lists and loops really takes the power of a program to the next level.

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