read me first

about this first learning guide to java programming on repl


Thanks for connecting! This document site is for Java newcomers to get up and running with some simple Java projects on the repl platform.

This is the
of three guides.
This first guide introduces basic programming concepts like
data values of various types
and how to
display and store
them using
The second guide moves on to the input of data and calculations.
The last guide moves on to programming constructs like loops, conditionals and functions.

Each guide includes notes and slides which explain and demonstrate. There are starter code projects on the repl platform with example code and most importantly try some Java programming tasks to carry out.

The guides are
documents and have been published to behave like mini-websites.
There is a navigation menu bar at the top of the page to access pages and sections.
Pages have an outline on the right to help find content and some pages have collapsible content, just click the triangles to expand or collapse!

using the Guides

how is a topic organised?

how do I get started?

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