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alphabetical elements
Chemical elements are often written by using the relevant symbol which is one or two letters.
In most cases the symbol is the first letter of the name, for example C is for Carbon but there are some exceptions, for example K is for Potassium.
The project file has an array with 26 values for each letter of the alphabet. However not every letter will be present because no element exists for that single letter. Those values will be "N/A".

"N/A", "Boron", "Carbon", "N/A", "N/A", "Fluorine", "N/A", "Hydrogen", "Iodine", "N/A", "Potassium", "N/A", "N/A", "Nitrogen", "Oxygen", "Phophorus", "N/A", "N/A", "Sulfur", "N/A", "Uranium", "Vanadium", "Tungsten", "N/A", "Yttrium", "N/A"
In this program you should display the chemicals which use a single letter to make a simple alphabet of chemicals.

You should already have completed an introductory task in using charAt() function

Help and tips before you start

`logic design`

Here is the design for the algorithm, only part of it is implemented in Java. You should edit the code to match the design.
loop with index for each element
if element is not "N/A"
if element is "Potassium"
display "K is for Potassium"
if element is "Tungsten"
display "W is for Tungsten"
display 1st character "is for" element
end if
end if
end if
end loop


remember to compare strings using the .equals() function
do not use = or ==

// compare strings with .equal() instead of ==
if (programLanguage.equals("Java")) {
System.out.println("use equals function!");


0. The program will output this to begin with this output
1. use the logic design and your knowledge of the charAt() function to display this
you could leave out the conditional structures at this point
N is for N/A
B is for Boron
C is for Carbon
N is for N/A
Y is for Yttrium
N is for N/A
2. use the logic design to display as shown below
you should include the conditional structure to miss out the N/A rows
B is for Boron
C is for Carbon
F is for Fluorine
V is for Vanadium
T is for Tungsten
Y is for Yttrium

3. use logic design to complete the final version
include the full nested conditional structures in the design
B is for Boron
K is for Potassium
N is for Nitrogen
O is for Oxygen
P is for Phophorus
W is for Tungsten
Y is for Yttrium

challenge: count alphabet elements

an alphabet element has a symbol which matches the first character in the name
display the number of alphabet elements
The number of alphabet elements is: 12
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