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traverse parallel array, substring, string length


This task assumes that you have already been introduced to:
using parallel arrays
using a loop to traverse an array and display element values
using substring function to select a section of a substring
using the length function to use the number of characters as part of a calculation for substring.

There is some PRIMM code to guide you through the steps in the task.
Try to work with a partner and your code before typing and running the code.
Make sure your output is correct before moving from one stage to the next, ask your teacher if you need some assistance.


read the PRI code.
notice the data value BD51 SMR and the use of the substring and length functions.
work with a partner and agree on what you think this code will output


run the code and check the output against what you predicted (PRI section only for now)


amend the parameter values for the first substring to display 51 instead of BD
amend the parameter values for the second substring to display SM instead of SMR

output of PRI code after investigating
8: 51-SM


you will have seen that the loop already displays the names but not yet the phone number or postcode
insert 2 lines of code within the loop (look for the // comment lines as a guide)
first display the entire postcode,
second display the entire phone number

output from loop after modify work
Edmonds BS4_1SY 07507-304671
Sandoval HD9_7NP 07574-522632
Bridges M45_8GH 07746-842316
Blaese BS16_4QX 07818-193588


amend the loop code to display the phone number as +447507304671 rather than 07507-304671
notice that some postcodes begin with 3 characters and others 4 and that they all end with 4 characters eg _1SY
amend the loop code to display the first part of the postcode BS4 rather than BS4_1SY and TS22 rather than TS22_5HA

Make sure all postcodes and phone numbers display correctly
sample output from make

Edmonds BS4 +447507304671
Sandoval HD9 +447574522632
Bridges M45 +447746842316
Blaese BS16 +447818193588

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