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Braydon is a profit-centric, operationally minded executive, specialized in commercialization, digital transformation and organizational management. He builds products and capabilities, and develops high performing teams to execute. Working closely with executive teams in $0-$20M revenue companies on strategy and tactics, he rolls up his sleeves and gets things done.

Key accomplishments:Link to full
Grew top-line revenue 150% over 2 years by building 5 AE enterprise sales team.
Captured 50% profit share in a multi-participant joint-venture through strategic partner alignment.
Designed and implemented technology-enabled service products for Life Sciences, used by over 1M virtual meeting participants, in over 60,000 meetings, across 100 countries.
Developed a robust remote-first company culture with a <2% attrition rate during the great resignation.
Adroit in board-interactions, strategy and tactics, and sweeping the factory-floor. Low-ego, collaborative style, and works to create cultures of proactive problem solving.
Recent activities:
Developed comprehensive brand evolution strategy for 100 year old Family Office management firm.
Crafted large-pharma departmental strategy to in-source services, saving $30m in supplier costs with a 3x ROI.
Designed Go-To-Market strategy for stealth Kevlar start-up leading to new, robust IP strategy, vendor contract development and DoD funding round.
Negotiated large marketing and distributor contract for small consumer products company, increasing volume of shipped products by over 400%.
In his free time, Braydon hangs out with his family and friends, hits a few triathlons and writes the occasional string quartet.
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