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Recruitment, Rush Deliberations Opinion Tracker

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Features/Bugs in Progress

If you notice something that’s wrong that isn’t listed below, shoot me an email at!

Bugs in Progress

No matter how many times the Deliberations page is copied, the name is always the same
Hoping to number the copies as a baseline

Features in Progress

A button + input box that allows the user to input a number, whereupon clicking the button would the pick out the top X number of candidates based off of votes.
For example, if you had two hundred candidates, and wanted to pick the top 50, all you’d have to do is input 50 into the text box, hit a button, and it would automatically filter out everyone except for the 50 candidates with the most votes
Automatically sorting people with X number of votes into the next round
A function to ensure anonymity with voting/notes
Being able to import application materials (data about the candidates, resumes, etc.)

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