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Recruitment, Rush Deliberations Opinion Tracker

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Whether your student organization is a consulting club or a business frat, the deliberation process for many of these organizations can be long and tedious, often taking hours and hours, for days on end. With this doc, you can rapidly gather and track the opin

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Input every candidate into the table (if you’re copying a list of names from an Excel or Google Sheets file, use control + shift + v instead of control + v).
Modify the table’s critera to fit your organization’s needs— for example, “Professional Experience” might be very relevant for a business club, but probably less so for greek life. Also feel free to play around with the built-in Coda sorting functionalities!
Before the group interviews/rush event, have all actives create Coda accounts and share your copy of the doc with them.
After actives speak to candidates, they can input their opinions in the treflections table by pressing their .
You can then easily review the information given, and with Coda’s built-in table functions, sort the table by whatever values you’d like.
As your team is deliberating, if you come to the conclusion that a candidate should make it to the next round, check off the “Next Round” column in their row.
After you’ve selected all your candidates, toggle on “Only Show Next Round Candidates”.
From here, you’ve got your final list of candidates! If you have another round after this, simply click the “Duplicate Page for Next Round” button at the bottom, and you’ll have a fresh page with a table of only the next round candidates (assuming you have “Only Show Next Round Candidates” toggled).
Continue until candidates are finalized. Congrats!
Send feedback to— any feedback, both positive and critical, is highly appreciated!
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