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Linktank + Techbrig

PRD Linktank 3.0

Product Overview
Linktank is a subscription-based SaaS platform designed to connect users with upcoming events hosted by global think tanks, international government organizations, and NGOs. The platform aims to streamline event discovery, networking, and knowledge sharing within the policy, advocacy, and research communities.
Business Objectives
Establish Linktank as the go-to platform for discovering policy-relevant events.
Generate revenue through a freemium subscription model and paid event promotions.
Foster a vibrant community of policy professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts.
Expand into new markets and content verticals (e.g., expert profiles, research index, job listings, chatbot).
Target Audience
Policy Professionals: Researchers, analysts, consultants, and government officials seeking to stay informed about the latest policy developments.
Advocates: Individuals and organizations working on various policy issues who want to connect with like-minded people and events.
Students and Academics: Those interested in learning about and engaging with the policy community.
General Public: Individuals with a keen interest in policy and current events.
Key Features
User Accounts:
Registration (email-based with SSO option)
User settings and notification preferences
Subscription management (trial, paid, cancellation)
Event Management:
Event creation and editing (title, date, location, description, speakers, etc.)
Real-time duplicate event checking
Event promotion (paid feature)
Event indexing and search (with Algolia integration)
Event saving and calendar integration
RSVP tracking for event organizers
Search and Filtering:
Robust search functionality for events (keywords, topics, organizations, speakers)
Filtering by event type (virtual, in-person, hybrid)
Paywall and Access Restrictions:
Limited access for unregistered visitors (top 20 events)
Full access for paid subscribers
Free accounts for event-hosting organizations
Admin Dashboard:
User management (including subscription status)
Event management (review, edit, delete)
Payment and billing management
Reporting and analytics
Data Ingestion:
Automated scraping of event data from external sources (2x daily)
Manual event entry (for data entry users)
JSON file parsing and comparison with existing events
Curated and automated newsletter generation
Subscription management
Future Iterations
Expert Profiles: Searchable and followable profiles of policy experts.
Research Index: Searchable index of policy reports and articles with summaries.
Job Listings: Searchable job board for policy-related positions.
Chatbot: AI-powered chatbot for answering questions, recommending events, and facilitating networking.
User Stories
As an unregistered visitor, I want to access events from search engines and links so I can learn about Linktank and consider registering.
As a registered user, I want to be able to browse a limited number of events so that I can get a feel for the platform before deciding if I want to pay.
As a paid subscriber, I want to be able to search for events by keyword, topic, organization, and speaker so that I can find events that are relevant to my interests. I also want to receive personalized event recommendations and alerts so that I don't miss out on important opportunities.
As an event organizer, I want to be able to easily create and manage my events on the platform so that I can promote them to a wider audience.
As an admin user, I want to have full control over the platform's content and users so that I can ensure a high-quality experience for everyone.

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