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Executive Summary

International SOS is undertaking an ambitious initiative to consolidate 52 workforce resilience products onto a unified digital platform. This executive summary outlines the comprehensive 18-24 month project plan.
Business Context and Vision
This project aims to transform International SOS's offerings by providing integrated capabilities through simplified access. Key goals include improving customer and employee experience, increasing efficiency, and enabling innovation and growth. The desired future state delivers a modern, scalable platform primed for International SOS to lead the workforce resilience market.
Strategy and Implementation Approach
The strategy focuses on building a custom platform for flexibility while augmenting with external partnerships for acceleration. The implementation will follow an incremental approach utilizing transitional waves to minimize risk and disruption.
The initiative encompasses 6 workstreams: Architecture & Technology, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Data & Integrations, Development & Testing, and Program Governance. Detailed plans are provided for each area outlining objectives, scope, timelines, risks, and key milestones.
The migration will occur in 3 transitional waves spaced over 18-24 months: 1) Building New Platform Foundation, 2) Migrating High-Value Capabilities, and 3) Sunsetting Legacy Systems. This phased approach allows for controlled risk management as capabilities shift incrementally to the new platform.
The program governance model balances working team autonomy with appropriate oversight using steering committees, working teams, RACI logging, and defined protocols around quality, security, and release management.
Risks and Mitigation Strategies
An emphasis is placed on risk management with continuous assessment, monitoring, and mitigation strategies defined for top risks like adoption struggles, technical debt, and timeline delays.
Change Management and Communication
A structured approach focused on clarity, stakeholder involvement, training, and sustaining change will smooth the workforce and customer transition.
Measuring Success
A measurement framework ties objectives to metrics and overall platform ROI to track progress towards a North Star goal of substantially improving workforce Net Promoter Score.
This executive summary provides an overview of the full detailed plan which will serve as the blueprint guiding International SOS teams in executing this transformative platform initiative.
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