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Evaluator OS 2024
Use this section to present all your Team members with their CVs and images.
This is a single source of truth for your evaluation expenses. Use it for planning and tracking your expenses.
Use Task Management to insert your tasks as evaluators and any other interdependencies etc. This will help your client to have an overview of all the tasks and automatically being notified once something changes.
This section will help you and/or your team of evaluators to track everything and it will help your clients have an overview of your calendar for this particular evaluation.
Use this page to allow your clients to request and update or ask questions.
The exciting work starts here. Use this section to insert as many informatuion about the project as possible. Start with project objective and continue with outcomes and outputs. Basically, you are supposed to replicate your client's Project result Framework in here.
Here is where the magic starts. Use columnn "Evaluation Questions link sub-questions" to insert your draft questions as per OECD DAC criteria. Next, click "draft questions" and AI will help you based on all information you have shared in results framework and here.
Under the data collection tools you can find three tools (of the shelf and ready to be used) and solutions: , and . All these tools are self-explanatory and each tool is followed by the explanation how to use it.

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