The Ultimate Ward Council Organization Hub

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The Ultimate Ward Council Organization Hub

How to track ward council meetings, agendas, and tasks - all in one place.

Welcome to Your Ward Council Hub

This Coda doc is a template - feel free to make a copy and customize it for your ward council. If you have questions, you can contact me at .
Get started in 3 easy steps:
Copy template
Customize it to fit your ward council's needs. Add/delete pages, embed a Google Sheet in a page, create more tables to track something, etc. The sky’s the limit!
Share your copy of the doc with ward council members (click share in the upper right of the doc).
A ward council is crucial to every ward’s success. The emphasizes the purpose of the ward council: “The ward council seeks to help all ward members build spiritual strength, receive saving ordinances, keep covenants, and become consecrated followers of Jesus Christ.”
But if you’ve served on a ward council, you know this can sometimes be tricky. Everyone on the ward council is already very busy, so sometimes staying organized can be a challenge.
The goal of this Coda doc is to lighten the burden of administration, freeing your ward council up to focus on what’s more important — ministering to individuals and families in your ward. It serves as a single hub to track meetings, notes, and tasks.
Here’s a quick tour of the doc:
→ Run your meeting out of this page. Everyone from the ward council is invited to add discussion topics.
→ Keep track of your tasks.
→ Assignments and visitors for upcoming meetings.
→ A list of the organizations in your ward. The organizations listed in this table will show up in the dropdown lists in .
→ A weekly prep email that gets sent to the ward council every Thursday morning. To turn it on, type /automations to open the Automations panel. Connect your Gmail, add the To recipients, and turn on the automation. Your ward council will then get a weekly email!

Sharing and Permissions
Keep in mind that anyone with access to this doc can see all its contents. Only share the doc with trusted individuals, such as ward council members. Many wards create several copies of this template, customizing them for different organizations (e.g., Relief Society, Elders Quorum) and sharing each with the relevant group.

Try out this Coda doc with your ward council — I’d love to know how it goes and how you’re customizing it in interesting ways!

And if you haven’t already, check out the .

Note: this is not an official tool of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but has helped our ward council run much more smoothly. We’re sharing it in hopes that it helps you as well 😁

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