The Ultimate Bishopric Organization Hub

The Ultimate Bishopric Organization Hub

How to track meetings, callings, assignments, and interviews - all in one place.

This doc is a template - feel free to make a copy and customize it for your bishopric. If you have questions, feel free to

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Problem #1: Multiple handoffs with interviews and callings

A large portion of a bishopric’s time is spent managing interviews and callings. From callings and temple recommends to youth interviews and priesthood ordinations, it seems like there are constantly dozens of interviews and callings to manage. Depending on the type of interview or calling, handoffs and coordination is required between the executive secretary, members of the bishopric, stake leaders, and families.

What’s more, with each calling extended there are domino effects of releases and additional callings needed to fill holes. Keeping track of all the moving parts and people involved can feel like herding cats.

Problem #2: Forgotten assignments

Over the years I’ve participated in amazing and spiritually uplifting bishopric meetings, to then just forgot about my list of assignments as soon as the meeting is over. This isn’t because of bad intentions, but the absence of a process to manage assignments.

For example, each member of the bishopric often keeps track of action items in his own siloed tools. The executive secretary might write them in a Google doc, the first counselor jots down a few tasks in a notebook, and the bishop scribbles the rest on a sticky note.

Without a single source to track assignments, it becomes nearly impossible to see what’s been done and follow up on incomplete tasks.

Problem #3: Scattered meetings

Meetings are a core part of keeping a ward running smoothly. Not only do bishoprics meet each week, but the bishop and his counselors participate in (and often conduct) lots of
across the church ー sacrament meetings, ward councils, stake meetings, youth councils, firesides, etc.

With all of those meetings, it’s easy to feel scattered and disorganized. Important discussion topics can get lost in text threads and last minute changes to the agenda often feel like a fire drill.

A single hub to track meetings, assignments, callings and interviews

Enter this doc ー a single hub to track meetings, assignments, callings, and interviews. It’s a template that you can copy and customize for your own bishopric’s needs. Feel free to use as much or as little of the doc as you need. You can get started in 3 easy steps:
Copy this doc
Customize the doc for your bishopric
Share your copy of the doc with the members of your bishopric (click share in the upper right of the doc).


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Note: this is not an official tool of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but has helped our bishopric run much more smoothly. We’re sharing it in hopes that it helps you as well 😁

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