Ryan King

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Damage Report

Ryan & Amanda King | Claim# 38-53D7-58R | Policy# 38-EJ-N371-7

The Premise

105 Maryland Drive, Glenshaw PA 15116



The Occurrence


Between late December 2022 and late January 2023, multiple low pressure systems moved from the Midwest across the great lakes through Western PA.
Measured wind gusts across western PA ranged between 40 to 50mph, sustain winds exceed 30mph. Isolated power outages occurred. A 59mph wind gust was measured near Bellefield, PA in Allegheny County. Allegheny Airport also gusted to 56mph.

The Loss

Peril: Wind

The peril caused a direct loss to the insureds (a) Roof; and (b) Southern-facing elevation
Wind Damage(1).jpg
Wind Damage(2).jpg
Wind Damage(3).jpg

The Inspection

Loss Properties: Roof

3 layers of 3-tab asphalt shingles
2 layers of 15 lb. felt
9/12 pitch [non-walkable]
2.5 inch pipe boot x1
3.5 pipe boot x1
4 turtle vents
1 average sized chimney

Loss Properties: Elevation(s)

1.5 stories
10 Windows
1 Standard Door
1 Sliding Door
18.5 Square of .024 ‘Dutchlap’
No vapor barrier

The Claim

Loss Amount: $18,725.05

As the result of a thorough inspection, the policyholder asserts that;
The roofing system must be replaced entirely due to its irreparable nature; and
The siding is repairable

(1) The Roof

The roofs irreparable nature is due to ‘a’ and ‘b’ of the following paragraphs;
(a) Ordinance - “Roof Recoverings’ are prohibited where the existing roof has two or more applications of any type of roof covering”; and
(b) the shingle(s) do not pass a brittleness test (see inspection video).
defines "roof covering" as "asphalt shingles" (or other types of coverings such as metal or clay).
defines "roof recovering" as "the installation of a new roof covering(s) over an existing roof covering."
mandates "Recovering a roof shall not be permitted where any of the following occur; (3) instances where the existing roof covering has two or more applications of any type of roof covering.
To recap, the policyholder contends his position that the roof needs replaced because ordinance 908.3.1.1 mandates roof coverings cannot be installed where two or more layers are present, whether or not the roof is being repaired or replaced, and because the shingles failed a brittleness test.
Additionally, the policyholder asserts that the claim is justified because “at his option” he chose to purchase additional coverages, such as the State Farm H2-OL (Ordinance & Law) endorsement, which provides an additional 10%, or $25,730.00 to adhere to mandates such as ordinance 908.3.1.1.

(2) Siding

The siding is repairable.

Download Claim Documents

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12-26-23 Final Draft Ryan & Amanda King.pdf
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