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Understanding Conversations

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Release Notes

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Introductory Video

It only takes three minutes to watch this video at 2x speed.


I typically don’t monitor more than about a dozen topics at the same time. The number of AI fields and other processes are fairly extensive, so refreshing can take minutes. In my own workflow, I have an archive process that copies stale topics from the to another archive location.

Known Issues

The Pack used in this template reads the first 20 responses in a topic. This is presently a self-imposed limitation to accommodate Coda AI prompt window limitations. I have some ideas to overcome this, but I would rather see Coda expand the prompt window.
The Refresh button is unreliable. Still looking at this bug. The workaround is to open the formula for the JSON Data field and refresh, or open the Pack itself and refresh it.
Charts in the Insights page are not sorting properly in a descending fashion and sometimes the y-axis labels do not align properly.
The last update date was showing elapsed time from the beginning of the topic instead of the end.


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