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Tracking Places in NYC

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Places in NYC

Tracking where I go in NYC for myself and for my friends

This summer of 2021, I decided to turn my annual tradition of visiting NYC into a summer-long stay.

And a very “Bianca” thing to do when I’m really enjoying what’s going on around me is to write down what I think so that memories don’t slip through the gaps.
I used to write Yelp reviews as a way to remind myself what I thought about places. But the purpose of Yelp is a bit convoluted to me because it affects the business of a restaurant. Do I really want to discourage others from going to a restaurant just because I’ve had a better pad thai somewhere else? And how much do strangers even care about what I have to say to begin with?
I think that recommendations matter so much more when you know the person from whom they’re coming from. So this is mainly a doc for myself to remember the places that I visit and recommend things to my friends.
If you’re a stranger who happened to stumble across this doc, welcome!! And if you’re a friend who’s on this doc, ayo hey girly 🙈
Here’s everything that I’ve tried — from places that I loved to places that I did not enjoy at all.
Lmk if you try anything here and what you think!

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