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How to use the CSV Importer pack

Import CSVs flow

Copy this page into any doc where you would like to import CSVs into tables
Step 1: Start a fresh import by clicking the button below

Start new Import
-OR -
Upload new CSV with same import settings
Step 2: Add CSV File and select Coda Table to import into
CSV File
Table ID or Name to import into
There are no rows in this table

Step 3: Add column mappings and merge columns
Column name in Coda Table
Column name from spread sheet
Merge Column?
There are no rows in this table
👉👉👉 check merge column above to overwrite existing rows where the merge column pairs match
Step 4: Complete import!
👩🏽‍🦰 If the button above is still disabled, right click it and setup your account

⚠️ If the button is failing when you press it, try clicking it again!

💜 For help resolving issues,
- Checkout the
- Email

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