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How to use the CSV Importer pack

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FAQs & common issues

What is a merge column and how do I use it?

When importing data into a existing table, sometimes you don’t want to add new rows, but rather overwrite existing ones. In this case, the merge column is used to map rows in the CSV to the rows in the Coda table.
For example, let’s say you are running an inventory system, and you have a table in Coda with 3 Columns - Product ID, Product Name, and Quantity. You want to overwrite the quantity with an updated inventory spreadsheet that contains Product IDs and Quantity. In this case, you would select Product ID as the merge column, and the pack will rows in the CSV to rows in the coda table where the Product ID is the same.
In this case, make sure to select ONLY Product ID and NOT BOTH Product ID and the Quantity, as if you do the latter the pack would try to find rows in Coda where the Product ID and Quantity both match the values present in the rows of the CSV, and in stead of values being updated, you will end up with new rows being added.

Why am I getting an error on submitting my CSV for import?

Often it takes a few seconds (sometimes upto 30s) for the CSV file to be uploaded as an attachment to Coda. During this time, the pack does not understand its format and if you try to import, you get a strange error saying the pack expected an image but got a list of files instead. In this case, wait a few moments till the file gets uploaded and then try again. If the issue persists, email
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My pack connection is not setup correctly. It says “The Bharat Batra (1) reference is currently missing and cannot be referenced...”

This error generally happens if you copied the page before installing the pack. If this does happen, you’ll need to fix the formulas in this page to use your connection instead of Bharat’s. Email if you need help with this
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Why am I getting a 400: failed to fetch from.... error?

This error generally means there is an issue with the column mappings. One common issue is that the column names in column mappings are case sensitive.
Sometimes we also see this error when there are issues with the CSV file you uploaded. Sometimes it can have blank rows in it, and sometimes it may have an empty value in the merge column.
If you’re having trouble debugging this issue, please reach out to

Why am I getting a 404: failed to fetch from.... error?

This error generally means the Table Name or ID that you have entered is incorrect. This may be because the table name is case sensitive.

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