Salesforce Pack Documentation
Salesforce Pack Documentation

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Sync a report

Choose a report to sync into Coda

💡 Add a unique identifier to your Salesforce Report
Salesforce reports must contain a unique identifier for each record. Update your Salesforce report to add a unique attribute (for example, Account ID for an Accounts report, Opportunity ID for an Opportunities report, etc.). Otherwise, you will see an error like the below when you attempt to sync your report to Coda.

Drag your report onto a page

Once Salesforce is connected, Coda will see any reports available to you and auto-populate that list in the left sidebar.
Click-and-drag any of the available reports onto a page and Coda will prompt you with a few more options.

Choose what columns to sync

Most Salesforce installs have a large number of columns. Limiting the columns that are pulled in to only those that are needed can keep your tables slim and fast.

Choose the account to use for the sync


Add any filters, sorting, or additional criteria to narrow down your dataset


Set the table limit

This is the maximum numbers of rows that can be synced. Current options are 1,000 and 10,000.

Click the “Sync now” button and you’re done!

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