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Make edits

Sync a report

Follow the directions in to add a report to your doc.
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Enable two-way sync

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The two-way sync feature allows you to directly edit the sync’ed report data and send the updates back to Salesforce.
You can enable it by clicking on the Options menu in the sync table, then the Salesforce Report menu in the side panel, and finally toggling on the option Two-way Sync.

Edit the table

You can now edit the values in the report just like any other Coda table. Cells that you’ve changed will display a blue tick mark in the upper left, indicating that the edit is pending.
Not all columns will be editable, depending on where the data comes from in Salesforce. For columns that only accept a preset list of options a select list will be shown.
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Send edits

Once you are happy with the changes, click the Send edits button at the top of the table to send the changes back to Salesforce. As each row is sent the blue tick mark in the upper left will be removed.
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Optional: Send edits automatically

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Instead of having to send the edits manually, you can instead opt to have the edits sent automatically.
This can be enabled using the Send Edits Automatically setting in the sync options.

Have collaborators connect their own accounts

Collaborators in the same doc can also make edits, but they’ll first need to connect their own Salesforce account to the doc. This ensures that the changes in Salesforce are attributed to the correct user.
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Optional: Share the write account

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You can allow collaborators to edit the data even if they don’t have a Salesforce account by using a shared write account. When this is enabled all changes made to the table will be sent to Salesforce using the selected account.
To enable this setting open the sync options pane and set the Write Mode option to Shared and click the Connect an account button to select the shared account.
Read more about shared versus private accounts in

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