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Chores for Your Mates

Intuitive tools to build and run a chore schedule so you can keep a tight ship and a tidy home
I’m and I recently joined as an engineer at Coda. Outside of work I live in an apartment with two NYU grad students, and especially during Covid we’ve had LOTS of time to spend together. To make sure we were all pitching in fairly, one of my flatmates had the bright idea of writing up a bi-weekly chore rotation, and we’ve (mostly) stuck to it ever since. This is our latest way of tracking, plus, it’s all digital, so if you don’t have a printer handy like us, you’re in luck! You can also check out this if you want more help with organizing chores!
This app allows you to:
Create and manage a regular chore rotation
View your currently assigned chores, and mark when they are completed
View the full schedule, history, and when people are doing their chores
Remind you and your mates when chores are due or overdue

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