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Automated Roommate Chore Chart

About this doc

Never put a chore wheel on the fridge again with this automated chores schedule.

Making the chore wheel less boring

This doc was created because chores are a boring, annoying reality for a lot of households. To live in greater peace, harmony (and cleanliness!) with roommates, the chore wheel has gotten a 21st-century facelift to reflect the digital age. No need to create a physical chart that needs to be updated regularly or argue over who was the last one to clean the shower. Automated emails or texts can do the job of that one, hyper-organized roommate (we won’t name any names).

Connect your Gmail account to automate email reminders for your roommates so that they know what chores they need to do and the deadline. The chore order and deadlines auto-populate so that you can set it and forget it. (Don’t want to use email? You can use Twilio to share reminders via text or Google Calendar to share invites and reminders.)



How to set up this doc

Complete the
section by entering your roommates and your info as a People column. Add a number to each roommate in the "order" column to ensure chores are shared evenly with each rotation.
In the
section, update the "chores" and "potential owners" columns. Choose the "current owner" for each chore as well as the "deadline." Connect to the Gmail Pack so email reminders are sent to each roommate. Once you set these fields, no need to update the doc.
Chores rotate every two weeks, but you can make each chore more or less frequent by updating the "Next Deadline" column. Reminder emails are set up to go out three days before the deadline, the day of the deadline and three days after the deadline, but only if the chore is still incomplete.

How roommates should use this doc

View the "your chores" section to see your current chore(s) and due date. No need to reference/review any other sections, unless you want to see how the sausage is made.
Once complete, mark it "done" (on mobile, swipe right on the completed chore and mark it "done"). Your next deadline and chore will auto-populate.


Happy Cleaning!

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