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Realtime Field Event Tracker

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Field Event Tracker

An app to record and monitor field events in real-time at a track meet.

What is the Field Event Tracker?

At track and field meets, all running events are recorded and added to meet tracking software, allowing for almost immediate results. Field events, which often take hours to complete, are not as easily communicated. For coaches, athletes, parents, spectators and meet management, knowing how an event is unfolding is very important. Previously, the only way to obtain real time field event results was to ask the event manager, slowing down the completion of the event and gaining only limited information.
This Coda Application is the solution to obtain quick and accurate event results. Not only will the application allow people to track progress or standings, but will ultimately save the event manager time by automatically calculating results.

Use cases:

Coaching: Monitor field events and standings as they happen from anywhere on the field. Event coaches or athletes can enter the results as the happen.
Meet management: Monitor field event progress and publish the live meet standings to the web. Meet managers can set up the events and event managers or volunteers can add the results as they happen. The meet announcer can report real time results without the need to wait for updates from the event managers.
Parents: Track one or several events and share with family and friends in real-time.


: Overall team and individual event results. (Use the dropdown menu to expand the subpages)
Meet Standing Event Subpages: Pages for each event where individual results are added and scored.
: All of the data tables for the application and the Meet Filter, which controls the adding and displaying of records for this application.
: Instructions page if there are any issues using the .
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