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Soil Carbon Analysis

Soil Carbon... what we tested and why

Your Soil Carbon Results

Soil Carbon Results Raw Data (sorted Max to Min Carbon stocks)

Bulk density significantly affects the potential for soil Carbon changes. The lower the value the easier improvement in SOC is. Reduced SOC gains can be expected where dulk density is above threshold.

SOC% and Carbon Stocks
The variation between SOC% and Carbon Stock per sample is where gravel and bulk density have been taken into account in the Carbon Stock values, SOC% does not account for the non-gravel portion of soil
Table: Carbon Stock and CEC per sample site
CEC is the cation exchange capacity, ie essentially a measure of soil clay and colloidal content to hold nutrient and moisture
Where soil Carbon stocks are lower yet soil CEC is higher is usually because of soil constraints
higher gravel content
elevated Sodium and/or Aluminium
Photos: Simple comparison of poor v good bulk density and Carbon levels

SOC Relationships Within Your Results

Other Results Of Note
An adhoc sample site was created in the area of Kangaroo Paddock adjoining Top Plain Creek as result of observing the significant pasture response difference in the north-eastern corner of Kangaroo paddock where animal impact was evident in a vigorous pasture sward near the water point.

Carbon Modelling Result

Model of Stock Carbon stocks: December 2022

Potential Carbon Project Areas - December 2022

Revised CEA June 2023

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