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Welcome to Streaks

Make your day about unlocking your future.
This is the template for the streaks document that uses every single day. You can follow for information on usage and to ask questions.
For the philosophy behind this method, refer to this 2 hour stream (just watch at 2x speed) (a shorter introduction video is planned):

Getting Started


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Reset Database
to wipe Benjamin’s content, as you are you!
For daily habit and action tracking
If you need inspiration, see
Organise the actions into
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For unlock progress, customise
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Each day head to and set the day up the top to the one you wish to review, then start from the bottom to the top, reviewing each habit, tracking each action, and completing your summaries.
Habit review involves tapping the Review button, which will modify the action review table above the habits. This will allow you to save intentions for each action, and to achieve, freeze, and fail the habit for that day with the intention as the comment for the completion.
Summaries are seeded with a template that includes “goal”, “result”, and “commentary”. It’s also helpful to do the goals for a few weeks/days in the future, so when you start the new day, you can see what you have planned, to avoid the ambiguity hours in the morning deciding what to do.


Automatic Unlocks

The future of this pack will bring in progress tracking for your , where you can see your progress towards financial goals in realtime (by using Coda Packs to pull in your financial income and savings), as well as progress towards streak goals.


Right now projects are self-contained, however perhaps they could become associated to actions or summaries. When we have found a sensible way to do so, it’ll happen.


The intention of this document is to foster a community that is collaborating together on shared systems of success. If you find what works for you, feel free to share it with others, or join Benjamin’s streams and tell him.


Release Date
August 17, 2022
Automated template for summaries. Automated formatting for summary compilations.
August 9, 2022
Colours for ,
Broken link
August 8, 2022
Benjamin Lupton released the first template version of his Streaks document for Thomas Baucom
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