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Greetings, this doc is a team hub for a local and small construction company.

- This page functions as a sales funnel where sales team can allocate their effort in closing deal accordingly with priorities

- This page functions as a quotation page to be sent to client for their reference. This page also includes bar chart to for easier representation of multiple options that the client may compare and make informed decisions.

- This page functions as a project management tool where the projects are grouped in their respective phase in a project cycle. Each project can be expanded to provide every necessary information at a glance!

- Every project will involve variation order where the project deliverables are changed during the project execution phase that can affect final contract value. This page covers every deductions, addition and other discounts each variation order entails.

- This page covers all cashflow transactions for both inflows and outflows that will be used in .

- This page will calculate project profitability based on the outflow vs inflow of each project complete with graphs for better visualization.

- This page will act as Customer Relationship Management tools for every prospect and client that have or will be conducting business with the company.

- This page covers the level of priorities and every staff involved in the company so that each project can have person in charge assigned to each project.
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