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Copy and paste your Amazon invoices and have them magically transformed into data.

This template is designed to work as a package, using the Amazon to Coda Firefox extension. Then use this template to create your own Coda document to receive invoices from the Firefox extension.

To configure the Firefox extension you need to put two key pieces of info into the Options fields:
This Doc ID:
(specific to this document)
A Coda API key. Generate one for this template, in .
Once you’ve installed the Firefox extension, right-click on the extension button in your toolbar and choose “Manage This Extension” to access the “Preferences” window where you can fill in the Doc ID and API key.

How to use this doc
Here are the main that you are likely to use:
shows you purchases by category. Be sure to read so you know how to make categorization work correctly.
is useful for tax season or expense reporting.
is where you see transactions in a form you can export to CSV or copy-paste to a spreadsheet.
Canadians, be sure to look at the section.
This document also includes the underlying that the Firefox extension writes to, as well as some utility views you may find useful if you want to track down missing transactions or tinker with how the views are setup.

The Firefox extension is designed to work on amazon.com, and only
It’s based on the very specific way Amazon invoices are formatted as of July 2023. If Amazon changes its invoices, the extension is likely to break, or to omit some fields when downloading.
Variations in invoice structure may affect the ability to capture details like credit card used and shipping location.
I am just a spreadsheet/Coda/GPT nerd who misses her Amazon downloads! I’ve never created an extension before, and I can’t commit to keeping this one maintained. I was only able to create this by making extensive use of GPT as my coding coach, and I’m very happy to see other people fork the code by unpacking the extension and tweaking it for their own use. Some key provisions:
I can’t promise this code or spreadsheet will work for you or remain stable and accessible.
I won’t personally get access to any of your Amazon information or personal data. Any data collected remains yours and is held in Coda. The extension doesn’t store any of your data except in the options that stay on your local computer.
I’m not responsible for any use or abuse of this code. Please see the for the official license.
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