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Documentation: Add-On - Dynamic Combat Camera
This project allows you to easily and quickly add a dynamic, AAA-standard, third person Combat camera to your game! This project’s features are smooth and non-intrusive, always prioritizing the player’s input and allowing you to frame all of your enemies.


Customize it, Make it yours - Allows you to customize the system even in real-time.
Plug & Play - Leverages Unreal’s Camera Modifier system for extra simplicity!
Simple Blueprints - This add-on is fully in blueprints. The project base framework, UGC is mostly in blueprints with some base classes in C++, coded with optimized industry standards. No C++ knowledge is required!
Multiple Combat Camera Types - The project allows you to control the camera’s Arm Length using multiple methods, all of which are fully customizable to your liking.
Fully Replicated - The good thing about a camera is that it is client, which means it works seamlessly in multiplayer.
Data-driven Option - You can change the camera's properties with data assets or you can use functions to change them at runtime!
Proven System - This is an add-on for our Ultimate Gameplay Camera which has known a lot of success and is a solid framework proven to work fantastically for all your camera needs.

Combat Camera Features

Arm Length Multipliers - Control the distance of your camera with our Arm Length Multiplier methods. Each method multiplies the Camera Arm Length in a different way and has its strengths and advantages, and all of them can be data-driven!
Static - This mode makes multiplies the arm length of the camera with a static value which never changes.
Spheres - This mode uses multiple spheres, each one bigger than the last. Each sphere defines by how much the camera arm length should be multiplied. We only use the biggest sphere that has an enemy inside.
Continuous - This mode maps the distance to the furthest enemy to define the value the Arm Length Multiplier; i.e., you can make it so that the further you are from enemies, the further/closer the camera gets to the player. On top of that, this can be mapped onto a curve to define how much the multiplier accelerates/decelerates.
Dynamic - This mode will decrease the camera Arm Length when all of the enemies are visible and increase it when they get behind the player's back.
Additive Arm Length Methods
Tags - Does your game have huge enemies? The Tag Mappings’ additive arm length method in DCC allow you to setup tags on your enemies to dynamically increase/decrease the distance of the camera without having to create another camera system.
Screen Edge - Do your players struggle with ambushes from behind? This method allows the camera to ✨dynamically adapt✨ to the enemies at the edges of the screen to always keep them visible!
Combine any one Multiplier with any set of Additive methods!

Demo Controls



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