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Documentation: Add-On - Dynamic Combat Camera
Dynamic Combat Camera

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DCC Camera Manager

BP DCC Camera Manager

This is the Player Camera Manager class that takes care of updating the camera position and rotation and displaying its view on the screen for a particular player. This class inherits from the base BP UGC Camera Manager class. It is important that your player camera manager class inherits from it. The player camera manager allows further camera modifiers to register and modify the final point of view.
The BP DCC Camera Manager class is responsible for setting/interpolating all of the data that DCC Camera Modifiers and keeps references of these modifiers.
When using DCC, BP DCC Camera Manager is also the ONLY class with which you will need to interact to change anything in the camera. Any camera parameter change needs to be done through this class using its functions and methods. See the Camera Modifiers sections for all the functions and settings you can tweak to customize your dynamic camera.

If you were using UGC before, you don’t need to delete your old UGC Data Assets or convert them to DCC Data Assets. They are all compatible with the DCC Camera Manager class.
Also see for more information.

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